How can you help?

By Monetary donations in whatever currency. We also accept Credit Card Donations - please scroll to the bottom of the page for Credit Card processing.

Our current monthly budget is R20 000,00 (South African Rand).
Patrick initially funded the orphanage from his own small monthly pension. Today it is entirely funded from voluntary donations.

All work in caring for the children is carried out by Patrick and local volunteers who love, care and educate some 260 orphans, 250 of school age and 10 under 3's and enable the children to stay within their community and familiar surroundings. The children stay with foster parents while Two Sisters supply 3 meals per day - breakfast, school lunch and dinner.

The approximate cost of running this orphanage per year is R360 000,00 (£20,777) - about £12 per child per month, which is not a lot of money.

 For your guidance:

  • Secondhand clothing may not be imported to South Africa
  • Only new items may be imported with an import license - see for current legislation. Unfortunately the staff at Two Sisters do not have the time to apply for such import permits therefore monetary donations are more suitable.

Account Name:        Two Sisters Bank details:

Bank and Branch:      ABSA White River
Branch Code:           632005
Account Number:     4062 610 447
Swift Code:             ABSAZAJJ


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