A BIG thank you to all our regular Donors:

          run-for-africa     Adriane-Bowles

  • David & Ron Morgan
  • Pauline Foye
  • Brian Mercer
  • Pam Golding
  • John Bridt
  • Phillip Noyce
  • Run for Africa
  • Dr Habib Sadeghi
  • Adriane Bowles - Universal Studios
  • Tim Robbins
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Gloria Lewis
  • John Breedt
  • Barbara Lourens
  • May & Clinton Gas; they asked Patrick to speak in Japan in 2011.
  • James
  • Sasol and the US Embassy donate yearly.
  • Ursula Bock donated Patrick's new car and sponsored the Christmas party.
  • Robyn Maclaren provided school bags and stationary in January
Another special thank to:

Chantelle Tagoe Heskey
Chantelle Who came in our lives in 2010 with the group of Footballers Wives, showed great courage and still supports us up until this day!  She built a house for the children and also numerous other donations.

David & Ron Morgan
In February 2015 David and Ron was passing through Graskop and stopped by Two sisters and simply fell in love with the children there and regularly support us up until this day. 

Please contact Clinton Gas if you'd like to make a donation: + 81 904 435 6493
Anyone from Universal Studios who would like to make a donation can contact Adriane Bowles - +21 361 08316 or Dr Habib Sadeghi - +310 488 4110.


Meet some of our special friends:


  Our friends from the United Kingdom

  Volunteers who helped with the new site

   Ursula Bock

   Two Sisters Canada



   The Clinton Family

    Dancing4kids in Japan

ursula-and-kids Patric-Ursula


   Gloria Lewis & Patrick

    Chairman from White River RSA   


Meet our partners: